About Us -

We are professional members of the Grand Association of Interior Designers with over 15 years of commercial and interior design experience. It was established in May 2008.

We provide high quality furniture for residential and commercial projects. Our  commercial work includes retail, hospitality and office interior design and is carried out in conjunction with approved architectural and engineering partners. Using AutoCAD and Autodesk 3D , the company also provides in-house professional design documents, rendering, and virtual animation to our customers. We work together to create inspiring and calming environments that provide comforts for today’s busy families. Our professional and skillful attention to architectural details, colors and proportions, as well as our use of antiques and artwork helps develop their living space. 

About Us

Address: 924 Selkirk AveVictoria, BC V9A 2V1, Canada

Phone number: 2508582726